How To Decorate A Round Coffee Table? Check 7 Interesting Ways

Round coffee table decor

Decorating a round coffee table may be a challenging task you’ve ever attempted. We imagine it as a flat surface where everything is…out there, and you have to sort it out for an aesthetic look. But you know what? We want to share some tips you can learn from us, like placement, focal point, color, etc. that can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. 

Let’s dive into this post to see which styles may be the right ones you need for your round coffee table.

Consider Size of Round Coffee Table

round coffee table decor

There is nothing more uncomfortable than an improperly-sized coffee table. To ensure comfort in your living space, choose a coffee table the same height as your sofa’s cushioning or one to two inches lower. More than that, the space risks looking and feeling off.

Similarly to finding a coffee table with the appropriate height, you should search for one with the appropriate length in relation to the perimeter of your sofa and the room. Specifically, the diameter of your round coffee table should be about two-thirds of the length of your settee. 

If you have a tiny living room, a small round coffee table can be an excellent choice for maximizing space and creating a comfortable environment. Choose a table between 24 and 30 inches in diameter, providing sufficient space for beverages and refreshments without taking up too much room.

However, if your living room has a lot of space with ample space, a larger round coffee table can make a statement and become the room’s focal point. A table between 36 and 48 inches in diameter is an excellent option, providing ample space for beverages, refreshments, and decorations.

If you want to know more about what size of round coffee table may be suitable for your living room, you can read this post! (link to…)

7 Ways You Should Know To Decor Round Coffee Table

With these 7 ways below, you can know what makes your table become more attractive with different living room round coffee table decor ideas we know and want to share with you right now!

  • Pick Your Focal Point

round coffee table decor

While having multiple accent pieces on your coffee table is important, a fantastic focal point that ties the room’s design together is essential. Choose one larger or towering piece to serve as the eye catching centerpiece. 

A focal point may include a plant or floral, a large sculpture, a decorative dish, or statement candles. As long as they are larger than the other items on your table, your focal point will function as the “main” table decor.

For instance, ensure that the objects or parts are clustered in the table’s center for a round coffee table. This will aid in establishing a focal point. Set pampas grass in a vase for the living room’s autumnal motif, creating a beautiful, brown, autumnal atmosphere if you want a fall coffee table decor.

Even desiccated branches and foliage in exquisite containers will suffice. If not, use attractive cake supports and cookie canisters of various designs for a round coffee table decor; you can also use cut fruits to create an eye-catching arrangement.

  • Layer Decor Items

a cup, tray on the round table near some chairs

Avoid a haphazard arrangement by grouping your accent pieces with intent. Consider how the elements of your living room’s round coffee table function together as you style it. Try grouping comparable objects and leaving space between the remaining parts. 

Keep your figurines and trinkets gathered together, or your books layered on top of one another. This will make the setting less chaotic and more aesthetically appealing. Maintain a triangle shape to prevent decorations from approaching the table’s edge or resting too heavily in the middle.

The rule of three on round coffee table decor without occupying all the available space. This rule also applies to the triangle shape you should construct with ornamental elements. Limiting the number of decorative pieces to three allows you to create the triangle shape that looks best on round tables; each piece is a point in the triangle, preventing you from adding too much.

  • Add personal touches

round coffee table decor 2

You can have your round coffee table decorated based on your knick knacks like minimalism, rustic, elegant, etc… with these 9 examples you may be interested.

Elegant Design for Round Coffee Table

round coffee table decor 3 1

This arrangement of furnishings accomplishes equilibrium. Delicate white flowers are arranged in a large glass container. They draw attention to a white pillar candle placed on a gilded tray. The image is complete with two black volumes atop a glass casket with a golden frame.

Ideas for a Rustic Round Coffee Table Décor

This coffee table’s rustic design features a rugged, unfinished wooden tray, a planted pine tree, and two white pillar candles enveloped in tree bark.

Ideas for minimalistic Round Coffee Table Décor

round coffee table decor

The round table centerpiece idea of a minimalist arrangement is a textured stone basin. Next to it are two bedpost-shaped beeswax taper candles. In front, two books support a shallow white porcelain bowl with scalloped edges. 

The book’s theme is a further minor but significant consideration when you style a round coffee. Consider an encyclopedia, a book on renowned paintings, or a decent prose book. This could encourage visitors to take it up during awkward silences in conversation. Occasionally, the books will reflect your preferences and interests. 

Brilliant Round Coffee Table Decorations

The composition’s focal point is a matte blue container filled with pink flowers. Next to it is a gold basin with a wicker rim and dimples. A gold-framed glass receptacle supports a stone container. A chain link sculpture made of wood completes the coffee table decorating.

Ideas for a dramatic Round Coffee Table Décor

A black matte vessel with a red eucalyptus arrangement attracts the eye to this sleek, black coffee table. A string of wooden beads is displayed in a gray basin elevated by the book. A pillar candle is held in a smaller basin.

Comfort and coziness

Three orange candlesticks illuminate a stone basin. A timber foundation elevates a container plant. Three volumes support a round, golden container with a cone-shaped lid. There is a brown glass container in the center.

Temperature-Based Neutrals

A tray made of wicker holds the items on its surface. A beige vase with scalloped edges holds eucalyptus foliage next to a square link sculpture made of stone. Two beige books support two golden candelabras atop two gold votive candles.

Simple and Natural Decor for a Round Coffee Table

You want something simple but you also have a question for you: “what to put on a coffee table?”. The answer is like this pic: A white marble tray with wooden bead handles is the foundation for a plain brown potted philodendron. The white and brown color scheme echoes the coffee table’s construction.

Decor Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

This circular butcher block coffee table is embellished with milk jug receptacles. In the container are fern fronds, while the dish contains pillar candles in a white arrangement. The farmhouse style is just simple like that.

  • Make a Grand Proclamation

Decorate a round coffee table

Utilizing a greater living room area? Make your decor proportional by adding height and volume to your round coffee table decor with a magnificent statement piece. A large bouquet occupies a larger round table and works in a space with a high ceiling without being oppressive. 

In addition, you can redesign your floral arrangement based on the season, special occasions, or even your mood. Try changing the vase as well!

  • Coordinate Colors With the Rest of the Room

Subtle color coordination is a simple yet effective method for bringing a room’s interiors together. Adding colors and materials to your coffee table similar to your furnishings, flooring, and wall color will create aesthetic cohesion and completion. 

We appreciate how the green in this plant complements the pastel green scatter pillows and how the wooden basin atop the black and gray books complements the two-toned seating.

  • Do Not Ignore the Bottom Shelf

Remember to consider the lower compartment if your round coffee table has one. This is an additional opportunity to add decorations that did not cut the upper tier. Sometimes you adore more than three items, and you need to display them; this is when the storage space at the bottom comes into action. 

To decorate this area, use wider, shorter pieces, such as coffee table books or decorative dishes. You can also swap your parts from the top to the bottom for a simple method to alter your look.

  • Add Height with Stacking

Creating various height levels facilitates the visibility of all of your decor. Using coffee table books as stands for your other pieces, particularly your focal piece, is the simplest way to create levels. If your table is on the smaller side, stacking can also be a wonderful way to add a design element.

5 Other Ideas You Can See to Decorate Your Round Coffee Table

round coffee table decor 5

Decor for Bowl Coffee Table

This bowl-shaped coffee table is adorned with metal sphere sculptures between two bookshelves. In the center is a white ceramic container containing a desiccated red lily arrangement. A white basin and a sculpture of a knot complete the composition.

Decorations for a Round Coffee Table Inspired by the Beach

You can be styling a round wood coffee table embellished with a plain natural composition. A large white seashell and a white chain add textural variety and a beachy vibe. Alongside them rests a plant in a container made of opulent bronze.

Perfectly beautiful, flawlessly coordinated

A container of delft porcelain has been repurposed as a receptacle for pink blossoms. The porcelain mimics the carpet’s patterning. Two stacks of books support a driftwood trunk. The centerpiece for the coffee table is a silver mirror platter.

Decoration on Two Tiers

A spray of feathers is placed in a white bubble container. Three white volumes sustain an oversized jack-in-the-box sculpture. Inside a wooden trencher is a strand of incomplete wooden pearls. A flat coil container is situated on a lower ledge.

Special Days Round Coffee Table Decorations

This simple black coffee table is adorned with two rectangular glass planters framed in black metal for the winter holidays. Inside them are miniature white Christmas lights that illuminate for christmas.

What about Halloween? On this marble table, a simple black metal circular tray corrals a stack of fabric pumpkins, a candle in a rustic lantern, a mini-chalkboard that reads “Hocus Pocus,” a string of black and white beads, and a terrifyingly sweet specter.

What Shape Tray Should Be Used On A Round Coffee Table?

Circular, square or rectangular containers can be placed on a round coffee table; no specific rule exists. However, the dimensions of the coffee table should be considered when choosing a tray. 

If you have a large round table, consider placing a rectangular tray on it, but diagonal placement will create a more elegant living room setting. In smaller settings, it is preferable to preserve symmetry; therefore, a round tray should be chosen for round coffee table tray decor.

Consider the dimensions of the tray as well. Choose a large round tray that only covers the coffee table if that is the desired effect. A smaller tray will ensure that it fits on the table and is not pushed over by people or animals. The standard coffee table dimensions are 22 by 22 inches. It may be possible to place two of these on some lengthier coffee tables.

That’s the answer for the question: “what shape tray for a round coffee table”. To sum up, it’s all on you to decide what it is. That’s why we want you to go to the next part.

So… Let’s Try To Experiment With Different Decor Styles.

When designing a round coffee table, it is essential to experiment with various function-and-form pairings. Mix and match materials, furniture styles, shapes, colors, and patterns; the options are limitless.

For instance, there are many people who ask: “are glass coffee tables out of style?”. Well, they are never to be that if you know ways to decor it. A glass tabletop with metal supports is a combination that works well in any setting. Or, if you prefer a more casual aesthetic, consider using wooden supports for your coffee table. Or, if you want your space to be warm and inviting, choose velvet or suede over leather or metal finishes.


With the correct approach, decorating a round coffee table can be an enjoyable and simple endeavor. Begin by selecting a focal point, such as a container, and arrange smaller objects, such as candles or books, around it. Consider adding a tray to corral items and stacking books or arranging flowers to add height. Balance and symmetry should be considered when arranging round table decor.

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