Replace Pull Chain On Ceiling Fan – Quick and Easy Steps

how to replace pull chain on ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a great upgrade to any room. It circulates cool and warm air into living spaces. Despite their wonders, many ceiling fans depend on a low-tech method of control: a ceiling fan chain. And where there is a chain, eventually, there is a broken chain. Luckily, you don’t have to replace a ceiling fan or even hire an expert for this repair. 

Replacing a broken ceiling fan pull is a cheap, easy, and fast fix that will save you time and trouble. To be safe, switch off the power supply before disassembling the ceiling fan.

Why Ceiling Fan Pull Chains Get Damaged

A typical issue is a broken ceiling fan chain that gets stuck or jammed. Even under typical usage, a modest tug on the light-beaded metal pull chain may easily shatter it. 

However, ceiling fan chains are sometimes pulled too hard or in the wrong direction. Sometimes, we even receive complaints from a lot of customers like “I pulled the chain out of my ceiling fan light”. Well, this may cause the chain to get stuck or snap completely. To minimize extra damage, operating the chain softly and correctly is essential.

Furthermore, like any other component, your ceiling fan chains have a limited lifespan when frequently used, and the constant pulling and tugging can cause them to wear down over time. 

Metal or plastic components might weaken or shatter, making control of your fan or light difficult or impossible. If your ceiling fan is over a few years old, replace the chain to guarantee that the fan and light work correctly. So even what are the problems with your ceiling fan chain, let’s go to the next part to find a remedy to fix it.

How To Replace Chain On Ceiling Fan

a ceiling fan with pull chain and brown blades on the ceiling

Things Need to Know Before Replacing Your Ceiling Fan Chain

Ceiling fan chain breakage may be external or internal to the fan housing. The initial repair is straightforward and takes a few minutes. The second fix is more difficult and typically requires significant disassembly.

  • External: When the ceiling fan chain fails outside the fan housing, it generally fails in the middle. The break is obvious and easy to reach. An extension chain may be used to fix this kind of break.
  • Internal: When the ceiling fan chain breaks within the fan housing, the whole visible piece is severed, and the remaining chain is lost inside the fan housing. This project becomes a pull chain ceiling fan switch replacement.

Because the hole on the fan housing is a friction point, many ceiling fan chains break and disappear internally rather than in the more convenient external location. Breakage is unavoidable, with the chain constantly rubbing against the sides of the metal collar.

Safety First

Turn off the electricity connected to the ceiling fan by switching the wall switch. Locate the circuit breaker at the power supply panel, which controls the ceiling fan and turn it off. After you’ve opened the ceiling fan housing, use a voltage tester to double-check that the power is turned off.

Turn off the main power if you need clarification on which switch is for the room with the ceiling fan.

When working on the ladder, use caution. Allow an assistant to assist you in holding the ladder.

Tools and Materials

  • 6-foot step ladder
  • Voltage tester
  • Wire stripper
  • Manual screwdriver
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Soft rag (optional)
  • New pull chain switch kit or pull chain extender
  • Electrical wire nuts

Step-by-step to Replace Pull Chain on Ceiling Fan

Step 1: Determine whether the Repair is Internal or External.

If the remaining ceiling fan chain extends at least 1/2 inch outside of the fan housing, the repair is external. Therefore, only a ceiling fan chain extension is required. This is the optimal strategy as long as a sufficient extant chain exists.

Attach the extension to the remaining ceiling fan chain by firmly pressing the end into the connector while connecting the extension.

When no chain is visible, it is necessary to perform an internal repair. This indicates that the ceiling fan pull has fractured near or within the ceiling fan pull control. Consequently, proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Deactivate the Ceiling Fan Base

Remove all light bulbs from the fan’s light fixture. Remove the fasteners securing the removable lower section to the ceiling fan motor base using a manual screwdriver. Set aside the fasteners. Carefully detach the removable section. Leave the wires affixed to the ceiling fan base.

You can attempt this method if you don’t want to keep your hand on your ceiling fan for too long or are skilled at assembling and disassembling objects.

Step 3: Take off the Metallic Collar

Remove the fastener from the metal collar through which the chain should extend. First, attempt unscrewing the collar by rotating your fingertips counterclockwise. If this fails, use pliers and a soft cloth wound around the metal collar to prevent damage to the collar and fan housing.

Step 4: Pull the Pull Chain Switch out

Locate the chain control for the ceiling fan. Typically, it must be a tiny plastic device with a transparent side. The damaged draw may even be visible within the switch device. Carefully lower the item. Typically, it will be connected to the fan with three or four wires.

Never attempt to repair or disassemble a draw chain switch. Instead, it is simpler and safer to dispose of the old switch and install a new one. Pull switch systems for ceiling fans are economical and widely available online.

Step 5: Cut the Wires to the Chain Switch for the Ceiling Fan

Using the cutting section of the wire stripper, cut the wires connecting the ceiling fan chain switch to the base of the fixture. Allow a length of two inches or more to remain attached to make reconnecting with a new piece considerably simpler.

Step 6: Mount the New Pull Switch on the Ceiling Fan.

In order to proceed with the switch installation, it is necessary to detach the plastic around the wires to access the copper wires. Then, you can attach each wire to the switch following the instructions indicated in the new switch kit. Twist the wires together and connect them with a plastic wire connector.

Tip: Match the wiring of the old and new switches with extreme attention.

Step 7: Insert the Pull Chain Into the Hole.

Press the inside pull cord switch gently back into the fan’s base. Insert the draw chain for the fan through the housing’s opening.

Step 8: Reassemble and test the fan.

Hand-tighten the metal collar. Add any available light bulbs. Reattach the ceiling fan’s lower section and take the ceiling fan pull chain assembly. Restore power by resetting the circuit breaker and all wall switches. 

Step 9: Check the pull chain for functionality. 

Flip the room’s power switch to put on the fan. Now that the pull chain control for your ceiling fan is completely installed, test its functionality by carefully pulling on it. If the lights turn on or the fan begins to rotate, your pull string for the light problem has been resolved.

Avoid yanking the chain with excessive force, as this is typically how it breaks.

Wrap Up

Replacing ceiling fan pull chains is a simple and uncomplicated task that anybody with basic DIY abilities can do. You can quickly repair a chain break by following the procedures given in this article. Always notice when working with electrical components and turn off the power before beginning any repairs. 

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