1. What Details do We Gather

To offer goods and services to you, to interact with you, to improve our products, services, and activities, and for other operational, legal, and compliance reasons, we gather the following kinds of personal information:

  • Identifying your name, address, mobile number, e-mail address, payment details, signatures, or other identifiers. Moreover, we may gather online identifiers like your IP address.
  • Information on the items and services you have bought or considered buying.
  • Geolocation data, including precise geolocation data if you let our application collect it, for reasons such as assisting you in locating the closest Lowe’s store or notifying our stores when you are on your way to pick up orders, or for analytical purposes.
  • Information relevant to your professional or employment life, such as your business contact details, job title, company name, and visitor access information for our offices, if applicable, in connection with our services and the operation of our business, such as information about you as representatives of our customers and business partners.
  • When you answer a customer survey, you may get educative data.
  • Inferences or preferences we deduce or infer about you.
  • Other personal information that identifies refers to and may be reasonably connected with or linked to you (or your household).

2. Why We Gather Your Data

We use your personal information for various business or commercial objectives, such as providing goods and services, connecting with you, supporting and developing our business processes, and for legal, compliance, and security purposes.

Provision of Goods, Services, and Transactions

We may use your personal details, company information, and other personal information to offer you goods and services such as:

  • Deliver goods and services, complete orders and transactions, and handle returns and exchanges.
  • Purchases, payments, returns, warranties, and refunds may be processed, recorded, and tracked.
  • Process payment

Enhance Communication and Outreach with Customers

We may utilize all of the types of information stated in the section under “What Information We Gather” to enable and customize our outreach to you, including:

  • Provide transactional or promotional information across many channels, such as transaction confirmation and reminders, newsletters, discounts, and other notifications.
  • Assess and reply to your inquiries, requests, and applications.
  • Manage programs for your and other customers’ supplied product evaluations and surveys.

Improve Our Goods, Services, and Business

We may use all of the types of information listed in “What Information We Gather” to improve our goods, services, and operations, including:

  • Perform research and internal analytics, create new goods and services, do market research and data analytics, and assess our products, services, websites, and apps.
  • Personalize your in-store and online experiences, including tailored marketing and offers.
  • Determine and control advertising and marketing efficiency.