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Ceiling Fan Power Usage: Calculate Your Fan’s Wattage

Ceiling Fan Power Usage

Okay, most of us are aware that ceiling fans are the most effective and inexpensive means of producing wind. However, the question “How much power does a ceiling fan use?” is still frequently asked. And we’ll answer that question in the article below. Let’s see how we did. Ceiling Fan Power Usage Ceiling fan power […]

The Reasons Why the Ceiling Fan Leaking Water – Quick Steps To Fix

a girl wearing yellow gloves holding a gray bucket

At this time of year, with the onset of cold weather and fluctuating temperatures, our homes can experience problems with ceiling fans that leak water or develop stains on the ceiling around the vent. In addition, there are several reasons why your ceiling fan may be leaking water and it makes you feel annoyed when […]

Replace Pull Chain On Ceiling Fan – Quick and Easy Steps

how to replace pull chain on ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a great upgrade to any room. It circulates cool and warm air into living spaces. Despite their wonders, many ceiling fans depend on a low-tech method of control: a ceiling fan chain. And where there is a chain, eventually, there is a broken chain. Luckily, you don’t have to replace a […]

How Many Led Lights for Garage Are Enough?

led lights for garage

Most garages today are used for more than just housing the family car, and illumination needs to be more frequently addressed. It is essential to have adequate illumination in garages used as stores, storage, recreation, and workstations. Having the appropriate illumination is not only a safe thing to do but can also improve your mood, […]

Ceiling Fan Direction in Summer (Expert Reveals)

ceiling fan direction in summer

Have you ever had the same thought as me, “Just install the ceiling fan in any direction because any direction is cool”? The truth is not so. During a visit to my house, my friend – a professional electrician, suggested to me that the ceiling fan in my room was not cool. The reason is […]

Cleaning Desk Mat and Renew Your Workspace

Coffee cup, keyboard and stationery on the pink and blue desk mat

I love cleaning my work desk because I think a clean and tidy desk will help me focus on my work better. However, there are stubborn stains on the desk mat that give me a headache because I can’t wipe it off. So I’ve researched this very closely and have found some time-saving, cost-effective, yet […]

How to fix a ceiling fan that won’t spin

stressed out woman looking up at the ceiling fan that won't spin

A ceiling fan provides cool air throughout the summer, but most need to maintain them like we would other equipment. A ceiling fan that has yet to be maintained may develop some issues, including the ceiling fan not spinning. If you are in this case, the following troubleshooting steps can assist you in identifying and […]