Welcome to my site!
My name is Mark, 32 years old. As an author for CeilingFansLiving and I am proud to specialize in writing reviews for ceiling fan products.
Before I start talking about things like experience and knowledge like everyone else, let me tell you about my story and why I created the Ceilingfansliving website.
The story happened when I had a client, Ms. Kami, she asked me to design the rooms, and she wanted to buy a ceiling fan in the living room and bedroom so I read some reviews, and quickly chose one, quite secure in my decision.
However, not long after that, there were some problems with the fan that I trusted (Please allow me to hide the brand name). And then the fan went away, well, she talked it over with me politely but I think she was very disappointed in me. At that point I decided to thoroughly research all types of ceiling fans as well as the features and design of each type and so this review site was born..
I decided to create this review site so that people can choose the right fans, helping to repel spam information (probably too much but I always believe the wisdom of the reader will see it).
And I decided to make it my mission when writing this review to serve you, my dear readers, I always try to bring the most honest information to you, depending on your needs. So if there’s anything you don’t like, please let me know in the comments below, I’ll be happy for that.
A little description about me
My primary focus is on writing comprehensive reviews for ceiling fan products, covering everything from design and functionality to pricing and sometimes customer service. I take pride in my ability to provide honest and accurate assessments of each product I review, ensuring that you and everyone have useful information to make informed purchasing decisions. And, while my primary focus is on ceiling fans, I also occasionally write reviews for other home products, sharing my insights and recommendations with you.
I always desire to provide the most accurate, reliable information possible and create content that is both informative and interactive with my readers (provide many honest feedback reviews from experts, and major newspapers along with genuine users).
Finally, I hope you will give me a comment at the end of the posts, that is the motivation for me to see that I am adding value against so many spam websites.