Welcome to Ceilingfansliving, where we provide honest and comprehensive reviews of ceiling fan products. My name is Karren Brady, 42 years old and I am proud to be a part of this team as an author.
Before I became an author for Ceilingfansliving, I used to be a content writer for many different websites.
And if you’ve read Mark’s story then you know, I hired Mark (one of the authors here, but at that time he was just a designer without this website) to design my home’s interior, and he recommended a ceiling fan for my living room. I trusted his recommendation and purchased the fan he suggested, but soon after, it started to malfunction.
I was disappointed, but Mark took full responsibility and apologized for the inconvenience caused. He then said to me how he had researched all types of ceiling fans and their features after that. He also mentioned that his experience had inspired him to create CeilingFansLiving, a review site aimed at providing people with honest and reliable information to make informed decisions when buying ceiling fans.
After that, I decided to join Mark’s team and share my experience and knowledge with others. As an author for CeilingFansLiving, I specialize in writing reviews for ceiling fan products, covering everything from design and functionality to pricing and customer service.
And like Mark, although my primary focus is on ceiling fans, I occasionally write reviews for other products, (pet, beauty, tool, and garden also is my strength), I’m very thrilled to share my insights and recommendations with you.
At Ceilingfansliving, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate and reliable information possible. We aim to make our content both informative and interactive, so you can engage with us and share your thoughts and opinions.
As a part of this team, it is my goal to always exceed your expectations in terms of service quality. Since I value open communication and strive to meet your specific information needs, you can count on me to give you the most accurate and truthful information.
Please let me know in the feedback section if there is anything you find objectionable.
I trust you will learn a lot from our reviews. We value your opinion and thank you for your continued patronage. Welcome to Ceilingfansliving, we hope to be of service to you.
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