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desk decor ideas

For those who have been working from home for years or are just now spending hours in an office cubicle, one thing is certain: The same mundane environment can become boring and negatively impact your productivity. Adding a personal touch to your desk is a great way to overcome this. With these desk decor ideas, you can embrace the work-from-home lifestyle and adorn your workstation in a manner that will stimulate and inspire you.

Not certain where to start? From ultra-minimalist to maximalist and everything in between, we’ve compiled a variety of inventive, cheerful methods to decorate your desk.

20+ Desk Decor Ideas You May Like

Those ideas with the room decor desk below will provide you with different perspectives on your desk decor so that you can find one that you can personalize your desk especially it could be easier with bedroom desk ideas

Light up Your Desk Space

Adding a light allows you to disable unsightly fluorescents or experience a livelier environment. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors available, locating a lamp that complements your aesthetic is simple.

If you’re feeling unconventional, you should experiment with other forms of lighting. For instance, vibrant light bulbs or a string of fairy lights emanate a more whimsical atmosphere.

You can also position your table where it will receive natural light. Natural light assists the body in remaining in sync with the natural cycles that govern the body’s internal schedule.

Add a Pop of Color

desk decor ideas

Minimalism is in style, but you may become tired if your desk is only decorated with neutral colors. Feel free to utilize accent colors. Combining a streamlined, simple desk and minimalist accessories with a bold yet diminutive mural or piece of art can make a significant statement and add more color to your day. 

Need to inject some serenity into your workday? Decorate your desk with blues, greens, gentle pinks and purples, or grays to give it a zen-like atmosphere.

Tip: For a high-energy appearance, hot pink, royal blue, or yellow would all work well. Stick to muted colors, such as moss green and blush pink, if you desire something more subdued.

Even If You’re Cooped up at Home, Satisfy your Wanderlust

When you have a busy work schedule with back-to-back meetings and a never-ending to-do list, a beach vacation or a trip to your beloved city may seem out of reach. So why don’t you embrace your wanderlust with some amusing desk accessories? 

Give it a beachy atmosphere with cane furniture, a miniature palm, and weathered wood, or pay homage to your beloved city with a painting of its most renowned architectural structures or must-see landmarks. Even if you’re physically unable to leave work, you don’t necessarily have to be there mentally for the entire eight hours.

Display Holiday Cheer

Regardless of the holiday, nothing cheers up a dull meeting more than embracing the holiday spirit. For Halloween, decorate your workspace with miniature pumpkins, gourds, and a fall-scented candle; for Christmas, decorate with a miniature tree and twinkling lights; and for Valentine’s Day, create a heart-shaped paper chain. 

Even if you don’t take a day off for your beloved holiday, you can still commemorate it with festive desk decor ideas.

Select a Soothing Color Scheme

desk decor ideas

If your professional life could be more manageable, your workstation should be. Opt for a basic, calming color scheme with great neutrals and organic textures. Imagine a natural-colored wooden white desk decor, ivory, gray, beige, or brown accessories of varying hues. Add a couple of plants for a completely natural touch of color and additional fresh air.

Add Cut-Fresh Flowers

desk decor ideas

If you are susceptible to the 2 p.m. post-lunch depression, consider placing a vase of freshly cut flowers on your desk. They will add color and brightness to the room and can be a wonderful pick-me-up when you’re dozing off or reaching for the chocolate bar in the afternoon. Flowers add vibrancy to a space, whether in a vase or an old Mason container.

Consider a Simple Color Scheme With Lots of Texture

desk decor ideas with black and white chair

What is entirely black and white and fashionable? Textured furnishings and accouterments add great visual appeal and inspiration to a minimalist color scheme. 

Try pairing a streamlined metal workstation with a rattan chair or cane in the same color palette and smooth, textured, tall, short, and everything in between gold accessories. We always recommend including a low-maintenance plant for good measure.

Go Minimal with Your Desk Decor

Go Minimal with Your Desk Decor

Your workstation does not need to be covered in trinkets for it to inspire you throughout the day. A simple, naturally-hued desk coupled with black and white accouterments of varying textures adds plenty of visual interest to a compact space without overwhelming it. 

If you want to add artwork but lack space on your desk, consider wallpapering the wall you face. It is a straightforward, elegant, and space-saving way to add personality to your office spaces.

Increase Your Storage Capacity

Many of us can feel uninspired after a long workday (or week). One solution? Green plants, paintings, accessories, and art supplies that you can use to doodle throughout the day should adorn your desk and other items that inspire you. If an item can revitalize and invigorate you, we recommend incorporating it into your workspace.

Include Low-Maintenance Plants

desk decor ideas

If you lack a green aptitude, low-maintenance options such as cacti, succulents, serpent plants, and aloe make for excellent desktop plants. Additionally, plants improve morale and reduce anxiety. Bring tranquility and joy to your day by placing a luxuriant, verdant plant on your desk.

Introduce Nature Indoors

We acknowledge that laboring inside on a perfect 70-degree day is the worst. Here is a solution for your potential work absentees: Utilize wood textures, plants, geodes, and photographs of your special natural places and spaces to bring nature indoors and into your workday.

Eliminate Distractions—Without Being Dull

When our workstations are congested, or our desk accessories ideas are more fascinating than the task at hand, it can be difficult for many of us to concentrate on our work. A basic white desk with the minimum essentials, such as a comfortable chair, laptop, and writing supplies, can be dressed up (but not distractingly!) with cut flowers or a fragrant candle.

Display Your Favorite Work of Art

desk decor ideas

A framed photograph, painting, or picture can add color and personality to even the simplest and most modern minimalist workspace. Whether it’s a cherished family photo, a painting your child created in art class, or a line drawing of your dog, placing your favorite artwork on your desk can significantly enliven the space and keep you motivated throughout the tiring day.

If you are a fan of Kpop, you can hang a picture of the band you want like BTS or EXO,… We’re telling you, this is going to be a great desk decor idea so you don’t get bored when you’re finding study desk decor ideas or office desk decor ideas for her

Display an Inspirational Quotation In a Framed Print

Even if you enjoy your employment, there are instances when it can be tedious, aggravating, and difficult. Display a framed print of an inspirational quote to motivate yourself during difficult times. Short, profound quotations take only a second to read but can provide tremendous inspiration.

Accept your Small Space

Even the smallest workstations can make a large impression with the proper accessories, such as woven wall hangings, abstract artwork, and low-maintenance plants. Use items from the same color family if you have a limited workstation but want to leverage its accessories. 

Too many colors on your workstation can be visually startling and distracting, making the space appear even smaller.

Blend Different Styles

Your desk’s accessories do not have to be ultra-modern simply because it is modern. Try coupling a contemporary desk with vintage or traditional-style containers, lanterns, or artwork for an intriguing combination of hues, patterns, and textures. Have a standard desk? Decorate it with a contemporary globe lamp, streamlined vases, or a contemporary timepiece.

Add a Bolster to The Space for Comfort

An uncomfortable chair causes soreness and pain. Increase your comfort by resting on a bolster. Alternatively, if your chair is already comfortable, you can improve your posture by placing a small scatter pillow behind you. If you become fatigued during the day, you will have a place to sleep. 

Consider adding a small fabric blanket to cover your legs or drape around you like a shawl if your office tends to be frigid.

Organize Your Schedule with a Desk Calendar

Utilize a desk calendar to remember important meetings, events, and deadlines. Desk calendars are available in many hues and layouts, giving you more opportunities to enhance your interior design.

Utilize Wallpaper, Contact Paper, or Decals To Embellish

Wallpaper, contact paper, and decals are all options for adorning your space with peel-off decorations. Do you want an emerald green desktop? With the proper contact paper, it is possible. After covering an object with contact paper, use decals to create a pattern or add visual interest.

Choose a Funny Clock

Clock is a cute desk idea for work because it is both practical and entertaining. You can choose either a wall-mounted or desk-mounted clock. Regardless, choose one that complements your color scheme and design aesthetic.

Add Texture to the Room With a Whimsical Rug

The majority of office supplies are rigid and flat. Add texture with a colorful area rug underfoot. Use a vibrant hue to attract the eye.

Maintain your Workstation’s Cleanliness.

You may not get much of your work done if you’re contemplating how to clean a cluttered space while seated in it.

You can accomplish this by eliminating unnecessary items and adhering to the best organizing system for you so that extra distractions and debris do not get in the way.

Well, that’s all the ideas we want to inspire you, we really hope you find one for yourself or have your own decor for your desk. And in the next part, let’s dive into some interesting accessories ideas that you may need for aesthetic desk decor ideas.

Functional Desk Accessories for an Aesthetic Decor Desk

Your office desk likely contains numerous items, such as your laptop, notes, and stationery. Using a few of these items as decorative accents for your office workstation can instantly enliven your workspace. Add a few vibrant items, such as a shelf, Washi tape, etc. Despite the idea’s apparent simplicity, it can greatly enhance your decor. Workplace desk decorations are only as simple as this!

Increase Your Storage Capacity

Need to increase your home’s storage capacity? Consider desk shelf ideas to provide a stable workspace and display your beloved headwear, books, framed photographs, candles, and decorative accessories. Thus, you can display your beloved items without sacrificing surface or wall space elsewhere in your home.

Unique and current in the purest sense, floating shelves are an excellent way to utilize space and improve its aesthetic appeal. Place a few collectibles, literature, or small plants on the shelf. However, ensure the area is not overcrowded, which can be distracting.

Floating bookcases are an excellent addition to a room with limited space. Like artwork, suspended shelving should be positioned approximately 5 feet from the floor, at eye level. If you intend to suspend the ledge above the desk, ensure it is approximately 10 inches from the top.

Organize Your Supplies With Containers

It is easier to feel in control when your provisions are organized. Trays save the day! Put them in your desk compartments or leave them on top of your desk if they are beautiful items you enjoy viewing throughout the day.

Use Washi Tape

Get thrilled if you have yet to hear of the Washi tape. This versatile adhesive can adhere to and be readily removed from nearly any surface. Use it to place photographs on the wall, embellish your desk calendar, or create removable wallpaper. 

Elevate Technology To The Next Level

In theory, sprucing up the workplace is a straightforward task. However, the question of how to decorate work desks is on the minds of many. One simple way to complete this is by using those cool things to put on your desk.

Typically, tech-related items like mouse pads and keyboard coverings could be more attractive. Replace them with custom-made mats to liven up your office workstation. It’s totally up to you to choose images of your beloved television programs, musicians, animations, or anything else!

Additionally, you can choose to embellish your technology itself. For instance, you can add colorful and distinctive decals to keyboards to make them more appealing.

Attach Items To a Nail Board

A peg board offers near-infinite possibilities for desk decor ideas, as you can alter the items hung at any time.

Your pegboard fasteners can accommodate anything that a hook can hang. Use a macrame fastener to suspend colorful scissors, miniature shelves, or even a small plant.

Place Files In A Magazine Receptacle

Stop rummaging through disorganized bundles of documents and pondering where items are. Classy desktop files or magazine carriers organize and display essential documents.

Repurpose Tin Cans As Storage Containers

Tin cans are ideal for holding pens, pencils, and even blossoms, complementing rustic and industrial desk aesthetic ideas. If you’re feeling creative, paint or Washi tape your tin cans to match your color scheme.

Organize Your Volumes With Bookends

Bookends prevent books from toppling over, but they can also be attractive. Go for substantial wood if you want your office to feel professional, or add color by painting or applying washi tape to your bookends.

Carefully Conceal Your Connections

Cords are unsightly and obstructive. Use a crate or a shelf to conceal yours. Your desk space will appear more organized, and you will be less likely to disconnect your computer with your foot accidentally.

Using Candles To Scent The Room

Bring a scent into your space to please more senses than just the visual ones. Candles will serve the purpose. Choose a fragrance that transports you to your desired location, such as the forest or the seashore. And the best method to do so would be to include tranquil and soothing items that improve one’s ability to concentrate.

Wrap Up Those Wires

With at least a few adapters and extension cables strewn about, an office environment is largely complete. Nevertheless, wires flowing across your workstation can be unsightly and destroy the office’s aesthetic. 

Well, there are always work desk decor ideas that can make even the most unsightly wires appear alluring. Try binding your cables in colorful tape or jute to make them look more fashionable. 

Create a Stylish Coffee Craving

Office workstation decoration ideas are not limited to work-related objects. Most people prefer to work while consuming their preferred beverage, such as coffee or tea. Since these containers spend so much time on your desk, why not adorn them so that they serve as decoration?

Again, there are numerous cup options available on the market that appeal to you. Or, if you prefer to express your creativity, you can purchase a basic white cup and decorate it however you like! 

Wrap up

Adding workplace decorations to your workstation can significantly impact your productivity and demeanor. Adding personal details such as plants, photographs, and artwork can make a space more inviting and inspiring. In addition, keeping your desk organized can help you maintain concentration and productivity. You can transform your workspace with the help of these desk decor ideas.

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