Best way to clean chandeliers on high ceilings in 10 minutes!

How to clean chandelier on high ceiling

Everyone enjoys lofty ceilings! Higher ceilings create the illusion of greater space and openness and are aesthetically attractive. A chandelier can instantaneously transform a room by lending an air of sophistication and elegance. However, cleaning chandeliers on high ceilings is notoriously challenging. 

So, in this post, we offer our best advice on how to clean chandeliers on high ceilings without harming the crystals and surfaces of this intricate light fixture.

Safety First

Whether there are tips or this process is a simple way to do it, it’s important to know some safe ways to do it before doing some cleaning things on chandeliers for professional chandelier cleaning, especially if they are hanging on high ceilings:

  • Set down a drop cloth, don protective eyewear, and a respirator to prevent debris from landing on your face. 
  • Step back and shower your unplugged and inoperable fixtures with water. 
  • Allow them to drip-dry with a chandelier cleaner drip dry for a gleam that is free of water spots!
  • Do not attempt to sanitize the chandelier by turning it around. This can cause the supports connecting your chandelier to the ceiling to become unfastened.
  • Microfiber cloths are recommended for polishing and drying.
  • Utilize delicate cleaning agents and avoid caustic chemicals that could degrade your chandelier. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when utilizing cleansing products.
  • Wear white cotton mittens to avoid transferring fingerprints to your crystal prisms.
  • Do not clean the chandelier if it is warm. Heat can accelerate the cleaner’s evaporation, leaving stains and flaws.
  • Before ascending the staircase, ensure it is positioned on a stable, level surface.
  • Avoid using a stepladder. Step ladders are not sufficiently stable and can be hazardous.
  • Instead, always use a tripod ladder. When ascending the ladder, you should face the ladder and maintain three points of contact.
  • Once you have reached the summit of the staircase, avoid leaning too far to either side. Additionally, you should avoid reaching too far from the staircase, as doing so may cause you to lose equilibrium and collapse.
  • Finally, you can find a helper or professional who assists in the cleaning process.

Cleansing a chandelier on a high ceiling can be difficult, but you can do it with the proper tools and knowledge. You will be an expert at safely cleaning your chandelier on a high ceiling if you adhere to the safety above guidelines and avoid errors.

How to Clean Chandeliers on High Ceilings

clean chandelier

Tool you need

Soft Cloths

Find a large number of soft cloths that you can launder and reuse. This method conserves paper towels, and lint-free fabrics, like microfiber towels, are ideal for cleaning Luxury chandeliers.

Compressed Air

Did you know that pressurized air can be used for purposes other than computer keyboards? Try using this useful instrument the next time you need to access difficult-to-reach areas of your chandelier. It’s the ideal method for thorough cleaning without jeopardizing any damage!

All Purpose Cleansing Supplies

If your chandelier permits the addition of moisture, using an all-purpose cleaning solution is ideal. Test a small area before use to prevent irreversible cleansing errors! Keep a soft cloth on hand to swiftly and effectively clean your areas.

Cleaners containing ammonia should always be avoided. Your lovely light fixtures could lose their finish if you use an ammonia-based chandelier cleaner.

Water Discharge Vessel

If you’re concerned about the unforgiving aftermath of cleansers, wash the grime away with a spray container of purified water and cleaning linens. Add a small amount of white vinegar and blue Dawn dish detergent to the water for tougher, dirt and dust areas.

Dusters Extending

This common cleaning issue occurs when dusters are specifically designed to reach much higher home surfaces. Look for well-known brands that offer an extending device to reach your property’s difficult, hard-to-reach areas.

High Step or Ladder

Even with cleaning products that offer extension handles, your chandelier may still need to be within reach. Keep a stepladder or retractable ladder on hand for those incredibly challenging, lofty locations!

Instructions for cleaning the chandelier

We strongly suggest utilizing natural cleaning products on your cleaning chandeliers light fixtures. Here are a few of my favorite mixtures for cleaning chandeliers with confidence!

Always observe safety precautions before applying any solution to your light fixtures. Locate the power source, turn off the power supply to the room, and utilize natural light through the windows.

Clean Chandeliers on High Ceilings with Natural Solutions

Sodium Chloride and Vinegar Solution

To make this home, you will need salt, vinegar, and tepid water in a basin or clean spray container. Mix your ingredients equally, then submerge or spray portions of your unplugged fixtures. They were dried with gauze or a very delicate textile.

A Mixture Of White Vinegar And Water

Because vinegar is a fixture in my home, we frequently use this solution as a cleansing agent. Emerge impervious sections in a receptacle of this solution or combine equal parts in a spray container, place a drop cloth on the ground, aim, and spritz!

Baking Soda and Laundry Detergent

In the same way, these items eliminate unpleasant odors, discoloration, and stains from your laundry; the same is true for your light fixtures. About three-fourths of a cup of laundry detergent per gallon of water is required. One tablespoon of baking soda’s particles will provide additional scrutability.

Blue Dawn Dish Detergent and Vinegar

Dish detergent and vinegar is an essential disinfectant in my home, as it cleans nearly every surface efficiently and swiftly. Blue Dawn’s strength aids in removing grime and oil, while vinegar disinfects and polishes.

First, combine equal amounts of Dawn and white vinegar in a clean container or spray bottle. Next, submerge a delicate fabric into your cleaning solution, wring it out to remain moist, and gingerly wipe down the chandelier’s components. 

If necessary, apply the solution directly onto the light fixture using the spray container. Finally, gently dry all surfaces of your fixture and allow them to air-dry.

Alcohol and Cloth Needles for Cleansing

Finally, rubbing alcohol is an effective cleanser, but you must be cautious that it does not discolor or remove the finish. It effectively disinfects, shines, and removes insect traces! Apply it with a cotton swab to the affected areas.

Taking Down the Chandeliers from High Ceiling

So, your demanding lifestyle and schedule prevented you from performing routine chandelier maintenance. In this instance, endeavoring to clean chandeliers on high ceilings would need to be more effective. 

The chandelier needs to be cleaned this time, but how can it be securely removed from a high ceiling? Follow these few basic steps and keep safety foremost in your mind at all times. If the task seems too dangerous, inconvenient, or intimidating, hire a professional to complete it safely.

  • Disconnect the power source from the electrical switchboard of your home.
  • Utilize your high-ceiling ladder to remove the fastener from the chandelier’s base securely. Sometimes the fastener is exposed and sometimes concealed by a decorative element.
  • Remove the fasteners that secure the protective plate, or the escutcheon, to the junction box. If the chandelier is weighty, another person should hold it while you remove the mounting fasteners.
  • Utilize a voltage or circuit tester to confirm that the power has been completely cut off.
  • Turn the wire fasteners counterclockwise to liberate the wires. Remove the grounding wire screw (the grounding wire as you can see will likely either be shielded in a green casing or present as a bare copper wire).

Lower the chandelier and place it securely before beginning the cleansing procedure.

Reassembling the Chandeliers to Clean

When you search for how to clean a crystal chandelier, this step may be in your process. If you have a chandelier you disassembled for cleaning or maintenance, you may now be responsible for reassembling it. Here are some measures to take to facilitate the process:

  • Take stock of all the components: Before beginning reassembly, you must confirm that you have every component. Verify that all crystals, limbs, and other components are present and in working order.
  • Distribute the pieces: Place all the chandelier’s components on a broad, clear surface. Thus, you can assess your inventory and begin organizing the parts.
  • Mount the arms to the center column: Begin by attaching the arms to the chandelier’s center column. Depending on the chandelier’s design, this may require screws, nuts, or bolts.
  • Add the crystal strands: Once the limbs are in position, you can add the crystal strands. Beginning with the longest fibers, proceed to the shortest. Be sure to affix them to the limbs securely.
  • Install the light bulbs: Once the gemstones are in position, the light bulbs can be inserted. Be cautious not to fracture the crystals as you tightly screw them in.
  • Position chandelier: Once everything is in position, switch on the electricity and test the chandelier to ensure everything functions properly.

Following these steps, you’ll know how to reassemble a chandelier, ensuring it appears brand new. 

Clean Chandelier on High Ceiling without Taking them Down

how to clean chandeliers

Suppose you have a particular chandelier on a high ceiling. Ideally, you have a lofty ladder to assist you in getting closer. Or you may have a particularly large and intricate fixture chandelier. Here are a few simple techniques for making your chandelier appear as beautiful as the day you purchased it!

Setting Up

Establish your cleansing base first. You will need a drop cloth, a spray bottle filled with water, a spray bottle containing one of the above cleaning solutions, and a clean, soft cloth for drying. Before beginning, turn off the electricity and open all the windows to let in natural light.

Use An Umbrella

Here’s a useful tip for catching dust, residue, and filth while cleaning your chandelier. Attach an inverted umbrella to the base of your fixture. This will prevent any remains from falling onto your furniture, surfaces, or environment.

Cleansing without Moisture

The most delicate chandeliers may require difficult cleansing methods. Employ this dry cleaning method if you have a chandelier with linen or fabric coverings that cannot get damp.

You will need a clean and soft cloth, a soft and clean brush, and compressed air. Utilize the can of compressed air for all the difficult-to-reach areas, and wash down each component with care and slowness. Repeat these steps every one to two months to prevent buildup that makes cleaning difficult.

Aerosol Containers

Spray canisters will be your greatest ally in this situation. Please always observe safety and never apply water to active electrical components.

Once installed, spray your chandelier with purified water or any natural cleaning solution and let it air dry. These antiseptic products should never leave water stains behind, so have no fear.


After washing a chandelier in a room with high ceilings, it is essential to thoroughly dry the fixture to prevent water stains or other damage. Nevertheless, drying a chandelier on a high ceiling can be difficult. 

One option is using a long-handled squeegee or a microfiber fabric on a long pole to remove extra water delicately. Another option is to dry the fixture with a hairdryer on the cold setting. 

Before reactivating the chandelier’s electricity, it is essential to exercise prudence and guarantee that it is completely dry.

Wrap Up

Cleansing chandeliers on high ceilings can be a demanding undertaking, but it’s necessary to maintain their pristine appearance. Dust the chandelier with a delicate cloth or brush before using a cleaning solution to wash each crystal or glass component gingerly. Taking your time and avoiding damaging any of the chandelier’s components is essential. With these suggestions, your chandelier will soon gleam like new!

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