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Reason & Methods to Make a Ceiling Fan Quieter

how to make a ceiling fan quieter

The ceiling fan can help you sleep better by making a soothing and relaxing environment with its gentle breeze. The moving air can also help keep you cool and comfortable all night long by regulating your body temperature. Unluckily, the ceiling fan can be a bother if it starts making rattling noises or shaking while […]

Kitchen Table Decoration & Stunning Ideas

kitchen table decor ideas

A kitchen table is a place or moment where people can gather, gather to enjoy delicious food and have fun chatting together. Creating a well-decorated kitchen table that will impress guests. Decorating the kitchen table is straightforward, but make it stunning, not everyone knows. Below are super easy principles and ways that will bring so […]

Best Dining Table Decor Ideas (for all styles)

Rustic dining table decor ideas

From centerpieces, accessories to tablecloths, these practical tips will 100% help you quickly burn out your kitchen decor game. And if you are on the road to picking table dining, don’t miss to check out the golden rules of kitchen table & dining room design. 1. Rustic dining table: Warm Kitchen Color Schemes If you […]

What color to paint basement ceiling

basement color ideas with black ceiling

What is the best basement ceiling color? With little paint color ideas, you can turn an exposed ceiling from an eyesore into a smooth part of the room or even a statement piece.  It’s not only makes your space better but also boosts your home’s resale value. So, it’s a good investment, right? Besides, did […]

How to install a ceiling fan without existing wiring

Install a ceiling fan without existing wiring in the ceiling

Install ceiling fan, no wiring? Yes, it’s possible to install a ceiling fan without existing wiring. However, this task will require some electrical work, so if you’re not familiar with electrical systems, hiring a licensed electrician is recommended to ensure safety and compliance with local codes. Ceiling fans are helpful for your house, regardless of […]

Living room fall decor ideas: 46 simple ways!

fall living room decorating ideas

1. Create a cozy feeling with faux electric fireplace  A faux electric fireplace heater offers additional warmth and a pleasant atmosphere without the expense of installing a traditional fireplace. A great feature is the ability to appreciate the flames without the heat, which is available in a variety of styles. Add some decorations around like […]