Awkward living room layout ideas

awkward living room layout ideas

Where should we begin with an awkward living room space?

You can read many articles and see many awkward living room layout ideas, but the first way we recommend is to sketch the living room on a piece of paper and plan the layout furniture arrangement on that paper, and you will see how your whole room looks good or bad. 

No matter if your house has oddly shaped nooks, awkward angles, or unusual living room layout. Our simple way of designing a cozy and comfortable space is surely helpful for you.

And, a little thing, if you already have living room furniture, getting new pieces can be hard or cost a lot of money. Yes, we all know that if you’re in this situation, you might not want to spend too much money, so we need to rearrange old things or spend a little more money to redecorate, check the tips we have for you in the sections below.

Odd shaped living room layout solutions: Here are practical tips and creative solutions to improve your living space

#1 Arranging Furniture in an Awkward Space

a sofa near a round table under lamp
awkward living room layout ideas

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Start with the biggest things, like the couch. This lets you figure out where the other things will go. Think about how the room will be used and set up two or three different areas. You should draw a plan for a place to watch TV, talk, etc., depending on what you want to do.

Idea 1: Let’s say your living room has a lot of walls that are at awkward angles or not many walls at all. In that case, the best thing to do is move the furniture, especially the sofa, away from the walls.

Idea 2: If you put the couch in front of the TV, a window, or a bookshelf instead of against the wall, you’ll make the room feel warmer and create a cozy seating area. You’ll also make room on the wall for shelves, art, or other ways to store things.

Idea 3: Interior designers said that smaller pieces of furniture are much easier to place, but items that can be used in different ways and don’t take up as much space are better. Think about using more “separates,” like one sofa and two armchairs instead of two sofas.

Idea 4: Rethinking the placement of furniture, adding storage solutions, and incorporating clever design elements.

#2 Zone the space

Awkward Shaped Living Room

If you have an odd shaped living room layout,  it can be hard to juggle the different items. A simple way around this is to zone one of the areas. 

Even if your living room is oddly narrow, you can make the most of it by making it into two or three separate areas. A comfortable reading nook that is separate from the main space or TV-watching area is a great way to use dead space or cut down on noise from people using the room.

Solution: The living room area should be defined by the large rug – note the key pieces of furniture are on the rug. Then, to the right sits the dining table and extra seating, which is in its own space by the opposite wall.

#3 Awkward Corner

Angles that don’t make sense can be especially annoying for people who live in small apartments or houses since they make it harder to move around. But if we think of it as a difference, how can we make it a strength?

Great ideas for decorating corners that are hard to reach:

Idea 1: If you want a place to relax, you can get a big, comfy armchair (which is what we did), but if you want to keep it small, you can go with a small wooden chair. It will give your space a lot of character.

Idea 2: Add a floor lamp, a cozy throw blanket, and a basket for a few books to the chair, and you’ve got yourself a perfect little reading nook!

Idea 3: Add a mirror. 

A mirror that makes a big statement can change a room a lot. It bounces light around to make the room feel both brighter and bigger, and it’s both useful and pretty.

Idea 4: A “mini-gallery”

If you can’t afford to hire an interior designer or do renovations to get rid of awkward corners and spaces, you can show off your creativity by filling the space with art. This helps you turn an ugly corner in your home into a small “art gallery.”

#4 A focus on an unusual aspect

What do you think about considering an unusual focal point

the cactus in the glass cabinet

Instead of trying to hide the oddly shaped part, make it the focus by making it stand out. Remember you have not only one point, but you can also have up to many points, and our job is to make it harmonize and connect shape and color. 

  • Idea 1: Using led light to stretch the shapes you want
  • Idea 2: Use a small ceiling fan or light fixture to decorate an above corner
  • Idea 3: Use items like a dreamcatcher, and flower plants with vines (artificial plant and flower), decorative objects with tassels below

#5 Styles

It is a fact that a large living room can make you wonder about the layout of a small living room, so space is not an important factor if you have creative ideas.

Idea 1: Use light-colored paint or wallpaper to make the room feel more spacious. And lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements until you find one that works. 

Idea 2: Using rattan or round objects will soften your space if you already have too many objects such as rectangular table, rectangular TV, L shaped sofa.

Idea 3: There are many styles of living room decoration with many styles: rustic, modern, farmhouse, vintage, etc. The important thing is choosing the ones you like.

#6 If you have available furniture and need to rearrange?

How do you update the furniture you already have?

You probably don’t like how your living room is set up now and are looking for inspiration and practical tips on making the most of your space.

There are many ways to upgrade your furniture in less than a weekend, whether you want to save money, help the environment, or fall in love with a piece from a thrift store that doesn’t fit in your space.

Idea 1: You can reupholster your chairs and change the legs on the ones you already have. You can take the legs off any kind of furniture, even older pieces with them built in and newer ones with screws or pins. Take off the support structure, which is usually held in place by nails, and swap out the legs.

Idea 2: If your room has an eclectic, artsy, or rustic style, stencils and stamps are a great way to add pattern to your furniture. This can help your living room look better.

Idea 3: Add a washi tape. You can also get washi tape with gold foiling and glitter, which makes it a great way to add a little extra detail to your living room or when you have special occasions.

More Creative Design Ideas for Awkward Living Rooms

Here are some design tips and ideas for decorating

1. Do not leave an empty corner in the living room

You can display a bookshelf or a statue in an empty corner, but don’t put a single chair. Plants, artificial flowers are also not recommended for furniture, fresh flowers are better.

2. Arrange a working corner under the stairs

Seems like this is a place that is often overlooked, right?

With this long and narrow space, you can design storage facilities, wine cabinets, or pet shelters.

A working corner under the stairs is also a pretty good idea. However, you need to arrange the small corners and edges of the stairs skillfully to have a comfortable workplace.

3. Chat corner with awkward angles

Did you know? People tend to have more intimate, open conversations when they sit perpendicular (or at angles less than 90 degrees) to each other instead of face to face. 

You can apply this rule when you have any ideas for furniture arrangement for awkward angles.

Wrap Up

Overall, having an unconventional space also has many strengths and weaknesses, with a bit of creativity, we’ll make an interesting space for the family. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with any new awkward living room layout ideas, you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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