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Best way to clean chandeliers on high ceilings in 10 minutes!

How to clean chandelier on high ceiling

Everyone enjoys lofty ceilings! Higher ceilings create the illusion of greater space and openness and are aesthetically attractive. A chandelier can instantaneously transform a room by lending an air of sophistication and elegance. However, cleaning chandeliers on high ceilings is notoriously challenging.  So, in this post, we offer our best advice on how to clean […]

Where is the best place to put a bathroom exhaust fan

best place to put bathroom exhaust fan

I’m a huge fan of all of fans because they not only help save on energy bills but are also a more cost-effective option compared to air conditioners. With their energy efficiency and affordability, fans are a practical and economical choice for keeping cool. I use them in my living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Also, […]

How Many Led Lights for Garage Are Enough?

led lights for garage

Most garages today are used for more than just housing the family car, and illumination needs to be more frequently addressed. It is essential to have adequate illumination in garages used as stores, storage, recreation, and workstations. Having the appropriate illumination is not only a safe thing to do but can also improve your mood, […]

Easy Ways to Size Sofa for Living Room for Getting the Right Choice at the First Time

A full-beautiful perspective of living room with a minimalism sofa.

The sofa is the focal point of the majority of social spaces. You should be aware that correct sofa sizing, along with choosing its shape and color, is essential for a successful interior design in your living room, and yes, sofa size does matter is an important process. A sofa that is too large will […]

Reason & Methods to Make a Ceiling Fan Quieter

how to make a ceiling fan quieter

The ceiling fan can help you sleep better by making a soothing and relaxing environment with its gentle breeze. The moving air can also help keep you cool and comfortable all night long by regulating your body temperature. Unluckily, the ceiling fan can be a bother if it starts making rattling noises or shaking while […]