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Ceiling fan installation tips: DIY vs. hiring a professional

Ceiling fan installation

In your opinion, “DIY vs. hiring a professional” which is better? Each way will have its own advantages and disadvantages, the same goes for ceiling fan installation. Although I highly recommend homeowners who can independently solve problems in installing and repairing electronics in their home interiors, however, for difficult work, requiring experience and high precision, […]

Ceiling Fan Power Usage: Calculate Your Fan’s Wattage

Ceiling Fan Power Usage

Okay, most of us are aware that ceiling fans are the most effective and inexpensive means of producing wind. However, the question “How much power does a ceiling fan use?” is still frequently asked. And we’ll answer that question in the article below. Let’s see how we did. Ceiling Fan Power Usage Ceiling fan power […]

Comparison: Bladeless Ceiling Fan vs. Ceiling Fan

bladeless ceiling fan vs ceiling fan

In the past few years, bladeless ceiling fans have become an integral part of the cooling market in the household electrical industry. Advances in technology and increasing awareness of energy saving have increased consumer interest and choice in bladeless products. They have become a popular choice in cooling living spaces, offices, restaurants, and hotels. You […]

Ceiling Fan With Light or Without Light?

ceiling fan with light or without light

Ceiling fans are gradually becoming popular on hot days in summer days. It helps to make your home air comfortable while also conditioning it. If you are about to buy a ceiling fan in your home, there must be a lot of factors to consider before choosing so that they both work efficiently and add […]

The 3 Best Industrial Ceiling Fans for Garage of 2023

best industrial ceiling fan in garage 1

Hey there, stop scrolling down to the review section below!  First, one important thing. Do you know what the criteria for choosing industrial ceiling fans for the garage are? Before moving on to the best part, I want to tell you, that to optimize energy and cost savings when picking industrial ceiling fans for the […]

How To Decorate A Round Coffee Table? Check 7 Interesting Ways

Round coffee table decor

Decorating a round coffee table may be a challenging task you’ve ever attempted. We imagine it as a flat surface where everything is…out there, and you have to sort it out for an aesthetic look. But you know what? We want to share some tips you can learn from us, like placement, focal point, color, […]

The Reasons Why the Ceiling Fan Leaking Water – Quick Steps To Fix

a girl wearing yellow gloves holding a gray bucket

At this time of year, with the onset of cold weather and fluctuating temperatures, our homes can experience problems with ceiling fans that leak water or develop stains on the ceiling around the vent. In addition, there are several reasons why your ceiling fan may be leaking water and it makes you feel annoyed when […]

Replace Pull Chain On Ceiling Fan – Quick and Easy Steps

how to replace pull chain on ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a great upgrade to any room. It circulates cool and warm air into living spaces. Despite their wonders, many ceiling fans depend on a low-tech method of control: a ceiling fan chain. And where there is a chain, eventually, there is a broken chain. Luckily, you don’t have to replace a […]

How to balance a ceiling fan without a balancing kit

A ceiling fan on the wood ceiling

Even in the era of central air conditioning, ceiling fans maintain their high position by providing the cooling impact that every house needs in the summer. Nothing, however, is more irritating than an uneven ceiling fan that makes a noise every time you turn it on. The noise of a wobbling ceiling fan drives you […]

Cleaning Desk Mat and Renew Your Workspace

Coffee cup, keyboard and stationery on the pink and blue desk mat

I love cleaning my work desk because I think a clean and tidy desk will help me focus on my work better. However, there are stubborn stains on the desk mat that give me a headache because I can’t wipe it off. So I’ve researched this very closely and have found some time-saving, cost-effective, yet […]